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Whitemill (White Mill) is a retired watermill, last rebuilt in the 18th century. The millstones remained in use right until the end of the nineteenth century, grinding grain (grist) for both flour and animal feed. The mill is a part of the Kingston Lacy estate, and stands by the River Stour in the Domesday parish of Shapwick, near Wimborne, in Dorset.

Whitemill is now in the care of the National Trust and has been conserved to display its rare 18th century timber drive gear, which is now much too fragile ever to work again.

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On this site you can discover the history of Whitemill, take a virtual tour of the mill and even find a map of how to get here in person!

In passing, you will also discover a thing or two about how waterwheels and millstones work in general, a little about bridges and the local area.

The mill is normally open to the public on Saturday & Sunday afternoons during the season.

Please (Please!) send your comments (good or bad) to I need all the feedback I can get to make this site as rewarding to visit as the mill itself.

Before copying any material from this site, please refer to the Copyright Statement.

This site is image rich, being originally conceived as a showcase for some of my many photographs of Whitemill. If you spend long enough photographing your local National Trust property you may just find yourself on the inside (as I did) wearing a volunteers badge as a consequence! For the techies amongst you - I've put some notes on the pictures here.

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For those of you who have images turned off, or who are working with a text only browser, I have tried to keep the information content legible and the navigation straightforward. If you know how I can do things better, I'm always open to suggestions.

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